Conscious Factory in a Box

BotCraft has been a NOKIA Partner for the „Conscious Factory in a Box“ (FiAB) Project since 2018. We have accompanied the progress of FiaB 2.0 and are now working on 3.0 within the Eco-System and partners including eccenca, ABB, Harting, ISEL, Nagarro and iNDTact. BotCraft is providing the connectivity-framework which comprises the NOKIA 5G-factory-network and connects the ABB-YUMI through a custom BotCraft-RobotMES system with the eccenca IDS-system, the Nagarro applications, the Harting RFID-Warehouse and some BotCraft Assistive Bots. The BotCraft-RobotMES handles the bi-directional data-flow between the robot, the IDS and other systems. This allows for an intelligent order management and an adaptive production depending on the warehous status. Furthermore, the BotCraft-Condition-Monitoring-Bot, which is based on the iNDTact sensors, is able to stop the robot in case of activities in the environment that impair process-stability and -safety. Besides these production-ready systems, BotCraft developed an AI-concept for a Robot-Program-Optimization. This assistive Bot is capable of optimizing robot motions with respect to energy-consumption and execution-speed. The system is capable of reducing power-consumption by up to 30% while increasing execution speeds by up to 50%. Overall, the „Factory in a Box“ is getting closer to being „Conscious“ based on BotCraft-Connectivity-Solutions and AI-Driven Bots.